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What is is such a great multiplayer, io online adventure, which challenges you to use the A, S, D, W keys in order to move your slime character, all over the game screen, in order to make sure that you'll carry the ball with you, for making sure that you'll pass and shoot it in the goal, in the shortest time possible. It's so important for you to pay attention to the other players, trying to smash you and steal the ball from you so you have to act faster than them all. Make sure that you will use the SPACE bar for shooting the ball with accuracy right in the goal of your opponents so only this way you will be able to win, by scoring many goals than your opponents. Go for it right now and win the slime cup as soon as it is possible in this incredible and so cool adventure. It's so important for you to win every single match in a row and that way you can be the top of the table, without any other trouble. Become the greatest slime football player and do not waste any chances to win this competition and smash your opponents!

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How to play?

Use the A, S, D, W keys, SPACE bar