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What is is definitely one of the most incredible and so cool io online game, which offers to you the occasion to use the A, S, D, W keys in order to wander all over the game screen, swimming there without any worry, until you meet bigger fish. The purpose of this game is to stay alive for as long as it is possible, in this huge aquarium, full of other fish, trying to eat you and use your fish as a food for them. That's your purpose too so do it only with smaller fish, because you can only afford this with them and not with the bigger ones. Make sure that you won't waste too much time and you'll conquer successfully the whole aquarium in this multiplayer task so also you have a special button, which helps you to defend by the fury of the fish, Q key! Use it wisely and make sure that you won't make any mistakes of this type, to stay unprotected. Also, you should know that you can attack the fish with the SPACE bar and also clicking on different sides of the game screen, allows you to reach faster in different spots. Let's start this task right now and waste no time anymore!

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How to play?

Use the A, S, D, W keys, SPACE bar, Q key