Angry Birds Rio

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What is Angry Birds Rio?

Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio is the third installment in the hugely popular Angry Birds Games series we know you all love and play on our website regularly, and this special edition was a crossover with the movie called Rio, which also features animated birds, as well as other animals, so the combination of the two was perfect when this game and movie released in 2011. You can now play it directly from your browser or mobile device for free on our website, and if you've not really played many of these puzzle-shooting games before, we invite you to read this article to the end so you can give this one your best!

Angry Birds: Rio - one of the best gaming and movies crossovers!

The story of this game is one that is inspired by the movie, as it features Red, Chuck, and the Blues having been kidnapped and brought to Rio, something that has been done by the Smugglers, who were ordered to do so by the evil cockatoo called Nigel. You now need to help the birds escape their captors through multiple levels where you have to shoot them into their enemies to fly towards freedom!

The birds will be put on a slingshot, and you will use the mouse to draw it back while holding it, and setting the angle at which you want to shoot out the birds, as well as the power, because the more you bring the sling back, the more speed you will have. Aim and shoot in such a way that you hit the platforms with the various enemies from Rio.

You have a limited number of birds that you can shoot per level to clear them, and you can only finish the stages if you destroy all the enemies. To make that happen, try aiming for the platforms as well as explosives or items that can cause a chain reaction so that with only one shot you hit multiple enemies.

This game was the first one to introduce boss levels, which appear after you finish a few of the normal ones, and their level of difficulty is increased. Nigel can be one of the bosses, another one being Mauro, also from the movie. Luiz is going to be of great help in defeating marmosets and destroying materials, and along the way, you should strive to earn extra points as well as collect hidden items.

The game was released with only two chapters of thirty levels each at first, but more of them have been added over the years:

  • Smugglers' Den
  • Jungle Escape
  • Beach Volley
  • Carnival Upheaval
  • Airfield Chase
  • Golden Beachball
  • Smugglers' Plane

No matter how difficult the levels and chapters might get, with enough focus and determination, you will always shoot the birds towards victory, and have lots of fun along the way as only here has been made possible, free of charge and unblocked!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.