The Lodge Check In

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What is The Lodge Check In?

The Lodge Check In
If you ever thought that it would be fun to run a lodge, an inn, or any other kind of accommodation for people to stay the night in, you can now experience that yourself through Disney Channel’s The Lodge Games category, where you now get to play Check-In Challenge. Checking in and out of a place you are staying is sometimes a tricky thing, even more so for the people working there, but the teens at The Lodge will surely do great since they now have you to help them out!

Every day you will be working at the lodge and giving it your best to accomplish the tasks, because that is how you get the place back in good shape, and it is going to be fun, thanks to you. Make sure to reach all of your goals for the day before the time limit. All your guests will want something to do, and you help them out. If they want to eat, show them to the restaurant. If they are angry, show them to the reception and deal with their problems.

When disasters happen, a red exclamation mark appears, so click there to fix the issues. Some customers have two requests at the same time, such as getting food to eat and then going to sleep, so send them room-service. Take good care of your V.I.P guests, because they are harder to deal with, but they will leave you a bigger tip. Make sure everyone is hydrated and they have bottled water to drink.

If your guests are satisfied, in addition to the money they pay, they will leave you tips, so try to earn as much as possible for The Lodge, so that it gets back up and running, and Skye will be happy because her father won’t sell it. Work hard and save The Lodge!

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How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.