Mini Summer Vacation

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What is Mini Summer Vacation?

Mini Summer Vacation
The latest Despicable Me game for girls is appearing today here on our website, and you can see that it is called Mini Summer Vacation, and you dear friends can meet with all the little yellow Minions that you might know from TV.

Today dear friends, you can see that we are bringing for you a very special online game from the Despicable Me character, you can see that we are bringing for you a very special game for girls, in which you will have to help the Minions get ready for a very interesting summer vacation at the beach, so you have to make sure that you can prepare for each and every one of the Minions to have cute little beach outfits. Each Minion from this game will need special summer outfits. It's not going to be easy at all, but this is going to be a special dress up and make up game for girls, in which you will have to be very creative, because dear friends you can see that the Despicable Me characters will look amazing, and you will have to make sure that you will see how the Minions will return here on our website and continue to bring many other new girl games and dress up games for kids that you can play for free.

The Minions will need a lot of beach clothes, and you will be able to scroll through the outfits using your mouse. Have fun!
Mini Summer Vacation is the new game in the Despicable Me 2 category where you will have to help your three little Bob, Carl, Dave to prepare for a summer vacation.

The overall image of the game depicts the three minions who are on a beach in the summer, on the sunbeds, under a sun umbrella, even on the sand near the sea, trying to take a picture, a selfie, using a selfie- stick.
As soon as you start the game, you will meet Carl who is in a bathing suit, trying to get ready for a sunrise; you will have to take the epilating cream, respectively the wax, then using a brush to spread it on the body of the minion, then using a cloth to rip all the hair off the chest. The next step will be to take the scissors and trim Charl as best to be in trend with fashion, after which you will have to take the hair clipper and cut the hair under the arm as best until the progress bar of the game will disappear.

The next thing you'll need to do is take the after shave tube and use Charl to soothe the itching and irritation of the skin. In the second part of the game we have Charl who is just in the bath towel, which you will have to remove, and instead of panties, our friend has some kind of panties made of leaves. The next step will be to use the cream.
The next minion you will have to deal with is Bob, the little minion, who will have to repeat this procedure for the last minion, Dave. As soon as we have solved the clothes and style of the three minions you will be able to go to the beach with them to help them with the following things.

First you will have to give them again with a little sun cream, in order not to tan excessively, after which you will have to prepare a small snack, a serving of fruits for each (bananas, apples, pears), and in in the end you can prepare one refreshment for each minion so that it fully satisfies them. You can repeat this process until the green progress bar of the game reaches the finish.
tanning all over the body, from foot to head, after which you can take a shower to remove excess cream. in the end you will have to look for some clothes to wear, which is why I suggest you look in the box with clothes where you can get a pair of shorts and a pair of slippers.

How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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