Bad Ice Cream 3 - Flash

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What is Bad Ice Cream 3 - Flash?

Bad Ice Cream 3 - Flash

With the addition of Bad Ice Cream 3, the trilogy of Bad Ice Cream Games online for free that you can play here is now complete, so strap yourselves in and get ready for the fun, as we are highly positive that you are going to really love this one too, considering how popular previous entries were.

What this new game brings to the table, as all of them did, is a whole bunch of new levels for you to enjoy, with each level being structured like a maze, usually made out of ice cubes as well as snow, as ice-cream needs low temperatures to sustain themselves, or else they would melt and not exist.

Your goal is to work together to avoid getting flattened by enemies roaming around the mazes in each stage, while also competing with the other player to gather more fruits than them, because each of you has a different number of points, so try to see who is going to get more of them!

Like in most 2 player games, the players get to choose their own distinct avatars, and this time you have more ice-cream flavors in addition to the classic vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ones. Joining flavors like sorbet, mint chip-chocolate, and bubble gum, we have licorice, and smokey bacon.

The first player moves using the arrow keys, and the spacebar is the action key, while the second player moves using w, a, s, d, and q is the action key. The action key is used to shoot and create, or shoot and blow away ice cubes all over the maze.

Now you know how to have fun with Bad Ice Cream Games like this one, so start giving it your best right now, and enjoy!

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How to play?

Use the ARROW and A, S, W, D keys to play.