BFFs Walking in the Park

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What is BFFs Walking in the Park?

BFFs Walking in the Park
BFFs Walking in the Park is the latest game that you can find inside the Princess games category, and you are going to meet with three Disney princesses that we are sure that you can recognize from the pictures, but we are gonna say their stories just to be sure.

Brave, Moana and Frozen are the three stories that give us today a Disney princess that you will have to help to get ready for a walk in the park, and you can see that Merida from Brave, Moana the exotic princess and Elsa the Frozen Queen are going to be the girls that need your help to walk in the park with style.

Each Disney princess from this game is going to need cute little autumn outfits to wear during their walk in the park, and you can see that Merida, Elsa and Moana are going to all have different fashion styles that you will have to adapt too and make sure that you can rise to the ocassion. Merida is the first Disney princess that is eager to go for a walk and explore the nature, so you can see that even though the BFFs are just going in a park, she is going to want a flawless make up, so you have to have a steady hand while you choose the color pallet and even the eyelashes, lipstick and puder for her nose. After you creathe Merida's make up, she is going to want to have a very elegant autumn outfit with a cute chic hairstyle. After her outftis is finished, you will have to match cute accessories that are in the autumn style.

Elsa is not gonna be more easy to dress up and make up, because dear girls the Disney princess from Frozen is already used with the cold from the Frozen castle, so you have to make sure that you can match her existing style. Elsa loves to wear blue shirts, blue skirts, blue make up and even blue and white accessories, so you have to be very creative and see how you can find a lot of fashion outfits, make ups and accessories that Elsa will love to wear on their walk in the park.

Princess Moana will be the hardes Disney character to get ready for this walk in the park, because she is the most exotic princess from this fashion challenge, and she is not used to the cold temperatues that we have in the autumn season, so Moana will need the warmest clothes. Even though she wants to stay warm, Moana still wants to be a fashion icon, and you will have to be very creative and find socks, skirts, cute business suits and trousers that only Moana would ever wear during a walk in the park. All of the colors will have to be in the autumn scene, so there will be a lot of brown make up and rusty accessories that Moana and the other princesses will wear during their walk in the park.

The princesses will walk on paths, maybe even have a picnic, so you have to make sure that you can find cute little picnic blankets for the Disney characters, cute napkins and be ready to cook the food for their picnic, and so the Disney princess BFFs are going to have a great walk in the park together. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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