Sleeping Princess Ruined Wedding

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What is Sleeping Princess Ruined Wedding?

Sleeping Princess Ruined Wedding

Sleeeping Princess Ruined Wedding is our latest game here on our website, in which the Disney princess, Aurora has a ruined wedding with her prince, and she needs help from all the girls to have a wedding makeover and become the most beautiful Disney brides from all times.

In this new game for girls, you dear friends have to be prepared to make a real makeover for the Disney princess, and you will see that princess Aurora from the Sleeping Beauty story wanted to have a very beautiful wedding with her prince, but, their wedding got ruined, and you dear friends have to make sure that using your mouse, you will be able to create a new make up for Aurora, find a new wedding dress, create a beautiful bride hairstyle and even match accessories.

The beginning of the game is all about the place or ball room where the wedding has to take place in, and you dear friends can see that nothing is set for the wedding, and you will have to make sure that you can be the designer and wedding planers that Aurora needs at this point. You can see that the chairs ar on the floor, and you will have to find special colors that Aurora and the prince would love on their decorations, you will have to find different drapes, different chair decorations and different types of napkins to put on the tablets for all of Aurora's Disney friends. After the decoration and all the set up for the guests is made, princess Aurora is going to be a little happier and you will see that she will be ready for her wedding makeover.

Because she was upset for the ball room situation, she has a running make up, but, before we get to Aurora's make up, she will want to be sure that her wedding cake is ready and it looks amazing. It's gonna be hard, but you dear friends have to wear your baker suits and make sure that with princess Aurora and using your mouse, you will manage to help the Disney characters to eat the best wedding cake ever. You will have to go shopping and see how princess Aurora will have only fresh and tasty ingredients so that your cake is going to be tasty, and using all the flowers, colors and icons you will manage to decorate it the best way possible. Once your wedding cake for Aurora is ready, you can go further in the game.

There was a lot of time put in cooking and decorating, so you have to start helping princess Aurora to wear cute wedding outfits. You will have to make sure that in this new Disney game for girls, you can find for the Disney princess one of the cutest and the most exciting wedding dresses from them all. Aurora is going to be picky, so you have to scroll through all the samples and make sure that you choose the right wedding dress. Aurora's make up is still broken, so you have to use all the brushes and all the make up products so that the Disney princess is going to become one of the most beautiful princess bride here on our website. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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