Sandcastle Battle

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Sandcastle Battle
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What is Sandcastle Battle?

Sandcastle Battle
The We Bare Bears characters always bring amazing games here on our website, and you can see that today we are bringing for you the Sandcastle Battle challenge, in which you will have to help the Cartoon Network characters to defend their sandcastle against all the kids on the beach.

The We Bare Bears from Cartoon Network have build together a very interesting and big sandcastle, and today dear friends you can see that all the kids on the beach will want to destroy it so that they are one step closer to the We Bare Bears, but the Cartoon Network animals will want to keep their distance just yet, so you are the only ones that can keep them safe and their sand castle "alive".

In this game for boys, you dear friends have to be very careful and concentrated, because you can see that each We Bare Bears character will have his line of defense for the castle, and you can see that on each one, the kids from the beach will run and you will have to throw sandballs through them in order for them to stop running towards the sandcastle. It's not going to be as easy as it sounds, because the kids will be fast and you will have to be faster, because the bears will not be able to throw sandballs too far away.

You will have to use the mouse to play this Cartoon Network ability game, and you can see that Ice Bear, Grizzly and Panda will still be the main characters. They will be on top of the sandcastle, and you will have to throw balls at kids. Each bear can summon more power by keeping your mouse clicked longer on the bear that needs help, and that will happen when more than one kid is gonna run towards the sand castle in one line.

Grizzly, Ice Bear and Panda will also be able to gain special abilities and super powers, so you have to gain points and have a lot of combo hits in order to unlock these abilities, such as fast lash, which will give you the power to clear an entire line of defense of kids with only just one click. Make sure that you and the We Bear Bears will keep the sandcastle safe and up by the end of the game, and you will see that there will be many other fun Cartoon Network games for you to play here on our website. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to help the Cartoon Network bears win each battle.

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