Crazy Rich Asian Princesses 2

Crazy Rich Asian Princesses 2

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Crazy Rich Asian Princesses 2
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Crazy Rich Asian Princesses 2 Overview


Crazy Rich Asian Princesses is our latest fashion challenge in which you dear friends will meet with two Disney princesses named Mulan and Jasmine, the former is from the Aladdin games category that you can find on our website.

Mulan and Jasmine are two of the best friends among the Disney princesses, because they come from the same side of the world, and that is Asia. Mulan is from Thailand and Jasmine is from Egypt, and they are the richest asian princesses that Disney created, because Jasmine is a princess in Egypt where Aladdin saved her from hard and Mulan is a humble but very rich princess in Thailand, and you dear friends can see that today they will need your help to look rich.

This will be a complete makeover for each Disney princess, and you will have to be very creative, because both Mulan and Jasmine will want to still look beautiful and cute for all of their fans and girly friends here on our website. At the beginning you can see that they are still in Asia, so you have to dress them accordingly, because fashion in Asia is very different than Europe or America, so you have to make sure that you can keep them in trend in Asia with their new outfits, make up and hairstyles and very important accessories.
Mulan is a very cute princess that has long black hair, so she always loved to keep her hair in a traditional Thailand hairstyle, in a bud with two chinese sticks, but today you will have to be bold and use all the hairstyling products on Mulan's hair. We have prepared wax, curlying irons, straightners and why not even a perm for you to see how Mulan would look with big and curly hair. After you sort out with kind of new hairsytle Mulan should have as a rich asian princess, you can see that she is going to need a very long and elegant dress. Mulan loves red and animal print, so you can go towards that to make her even happier. Accessories and make up are very important so you can see that Mulan might even have a leopard as a pet, and with that you will have to match a cute accessory such as a necklace or earings.

Princess Jasmine has always been a little more flashy than Mulan, because in Egipt all the clothes are big and very colorfull because of the burning sun, and today you can go wild with princess Jasmine's makeover, which we are sure that you will have a lot of fun with. Jasmine will go to the spa, because she is taking really good care of her skin, and you can see that Jasmine is known of having blue outfits and accessories, so you can think of that when you come up with her new fashion makeover. Make sure that you can find sparkling accessories for Jasmine, and so she is going to look amazing. Have fun!

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