From Sick to Good Princess Treatment

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From Sick to Good Princess Treatment
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What is From Sick to Good Princess Treatment?

From Sick to Good Princess Treatment
Because you are always the best doctors here on our website, princess Ariel is sick today and she is  bringing for you the From Sick to Good Princess Treatment game that we are sure that you will love, because this is a very spceial and interesting doctor challenge.

You can see that princess Ariel from the Little Mermaid story is going to be the main character right from the beginning of this new game, because she is going to be on the first image where you can see that she is looking awfull, due to her condition. Princess Ariel is sick with the flue, and now you will have to help her feel better and look fabulous again, and that has to happen by the end of this doctor and makeover game.

Because she is sick, you will have to start with figuring out what's wrong with princess Ariel, and after you establish which disease she is suffering from, you will have to take the right steps in order for the Disney princess to feel better. You can see that Ariel has the flue because she has a high temperature, a running nose, she is caughing and sneezing all over the place and she has no energy to get out of bed.

Now that you know what Ariel suffers from, you can start with her treatment, but like any doctor you will have to be precaucios, so you will have to stay clean once you start in curing Ariel's disease. You will have to use medicinal gloves and a medicinal mask in order to not catch Ariel's bug. First of all, you will have to check Ariel's temperature, so we have prepared for you special termostat that you can use. After you see how high Ariel's temperature really is, you will have to make sure that you can get it down, and for that you will have to put an ice pack on Ariel's head so that she can cool and stop having chills. Ariel can hardly breathe because of her running nose, so you have to use a special nose spray to clear her airways. Once all of Ariel's simptoms are going to go away, she is gonna feel better and you can go to the next step of this doctor game.

Ariel even though is sick or doesn't feel one hundred percent, you can see that she still wants to be beautiful and modern, so this is a doctor and makeover challenge, because after she felt horrible due to the flue, she needs your help to clean her hair, iron her clothes and have a cute make up and be beautiful again. You will have to get all of the buggers and the sickness of Ariel's hair and for that you will have to pick them out and wash her hair. Look through her clothes and pick a fashion outfit that only Ariel would wear after she was sick, and you can see that the Disney princess is gonna return here on our website with a lot of other girly challenges now that she is healthy and glamour again. Have fun!


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