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What is Siegius?


Siegius is our latest game here on, and you dear friends can see that this is a new online ability and adventure challenge with barbarians, soldiers, warriors and brutes that you can play for free online here on our website.

This is a new online adventure game with fighting and shooting, in which dear friends you can see that you will be able to start a real war campaign, in which you will be straight on the field of war, and you will have to stay focused and make sure that you can have the best ideas and scenarios so that your warriors will be the ones who win the war against your opponent.

At the beginning of this new game for boys, you dear friends can see that you will see which will be your army. Caesar the Roman Legion is the first army that you can choose, but using your mouse you can see that you can scroll the list and see which are the other armies, such as the Vercing the Gallic Tribes or Boaretheus the Boarathians. These are the armies that you will be able to choose once you unlock them, and if you choose one you will be fighting against the other two, and you will have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to gain a lot of points by haing the best war strategy from our website. You can see that you will fight against your opponents, but it's all about the statistics.

You can see that each army has it's own characteristics, because their stats are different. Each army has three different stats. Defense, offense and spells, and you can see that based on the type of army, the stats will be different. After you choose your army, you will have to choose your soldiers and spells if you have any so that your army is gonna grow stronger with each attack that you lead on your enemies. At the beginning, until you gain coins and points, your warriors will be soft and not as powerfull, but once you gain enough money you can upgrade them and give them special powers and spells that they can use in battle. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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