X Speed Race

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What is X Speed Race?

X Speed Race

Only the best of the best is being offered to you here when it comes to car racing games 3d, which is why right now you are playing the amazingly fun game called X Speed Race, where you get to drive on some of the most exciting maps and courses, as well as drive the fastest and coolest sports car in the game!

First of all, you should know how you are able to drive cars so that you can use the keyboard correctly. The arrow keys are used for turning and accelerating, as well as the down arrow for breaking. With A and Z you can change gears, N is used for activating Nitro, R to reset the car if it crashes, and M to select another car.

Like in most other games with cars, not all of them are available from the start, so the more you race and win, the more awesome cars you unlock! You can play in different ways. You’ve got the test drive, where you just roam around and get the feel to the car, the race mode, with classic car races, or the elimination mode, where you get eliminated if you’re last.

Before starting a race, pick the car class, the number of opponents, and the number of laps you have. Stay on the course, get ahead of the other cars, and try to get a good time, proving you are the fastest racer out there!

How to play?

use the arrows

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