ER Electrician

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What is ER Electrician?

ER Electrician
There are amazing games appearing here on our website every day of the week, and today we are waiting for you with the ER Electrician game for girls and boys, in which you can see that a little electrician girl is going to need a doctor, because she has some work injuries that you will have to sort out.

In this new doctor game for girls and boys, you dear friends can see how much fun you can have playing doctor, because dear friends this is a very special case, in which your pacient is going to be electrocuted, and you dear friends will have to help her feel better once you finish with all your treatments, medicine and special doctor ways to make her healthy again, and we are sure that you will might even become one of the best doctos from our website.

The little electrician is coming to the hospital, where you will be in the ER, which means Emergency Room, and because it's an emergency you will be the electrician's doctor, so you have to be very careful, because lighting and power is nothing to joke about, because it can turn dangerous very fast. You dear friends can see that the electrician is filled with electricity and has several other injuries that you will have to take care of, but the first step as a doctor will be to help the electrician be free of electricity in her body. We have prepared for you special tools to get the electricity out and for you to be safe once you start to treat the electrician.

It's not going to be easy at all, but you can see that due to the electricity running through her body, she is starting to have ashes on her skin and clothes, and for you to proper see all the injuries, you will have to start cleaning her skin with special doctor sponges and see how you can locate the entry point of the electricity. She has a huge bump on her head because she fell and hit her head, and you will have to help her keep the swalling down.

Make sure that you can fix all of the electrician's problems and injuries before she can go back to work, because she really needs to make money for her family, so you have to show us once again that you can be the best doctors from our website. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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