Super Chic Winter Outfits

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Super Chic Winter Outfits
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What is Super Chic Winter Outfits?

Super Chic Winter Outfits
We are waiting for you dear kids every day of the week with new online games for girls that you can play for free. Today, you will find the Super Chic Winter Outfits game, in which you and the four Disney princesses will have a great time coming up with new winter outfits that will make the girls look chic and be as cute as possible.

The Disney princesses that you are gonna meet with are from the Moana games category, Rapunzel games category, Frozen games category and Barbie games category, so you dear friends have to be very careful in order to really be able to help all the girls have a super chic winter outfit that they can show off through selfies or regular pictures sent to their friends. You dear friends can see that even though it's winter, Barbie, Anna from Frozen, Moana and Rapunzel will need your help to stay beautiful and be a fashion icon.

Each girl is gonna need your help to look different than at the beginning of the game, when even though they are still dressed for a winter weather, they do not look super chic, like they want. You dear friends have to make sure that in this new dress up, make up and hairstyle challenge, you will be able to help the Disney princesses and Barbie to find chic clothes and chic accessories that they can turn into a real super chic winter outfit.

Anna is already used to winter and the cold temperatures, so you will see that she is not going to require pretty buff clothes, so you can go nuts and see which kind of scarfs, trousers or jeans, blouses or t-shirts the Frozen princess would like to wear this chic winter. Barbie is also a very modern and fashion gall, so you dear kids will have to work hard in order to come up with new outfits that the Barbie doll has never worn before. You will have to find a beautiful trenchcoat and warm accessories like skarfs or gloves.

Moana is the most exotic princess from Disney, and she was born on an exotic island, where she didn't had any season than summer, so she is not used to the cold temperatures during the winter, so she is gonna be the most well dressed Disney princess of the game, so you have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will be able to have a great time playing with Moana this new dress up challenge, because you will have to find chic warm clothes that Moana could wear with new hats and scarfs.

Rapunzel is also ready for a super chic winter makeover, and you will see that in order for her to do that, she even changed her long hair and she went to the hair salon and cut it short. Rapunzel is super chic with her new hairstyle, and you dear friends have to work hard and make sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to create a new winter outfit for Rapunzel, and she is going to look amazing. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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