DIY Trendy Sneakers

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What is DIY Trendy Sneakers?

DIY Trendy Sneakers
The DIY Trendy Sneakers game is arriving today here on, and you dear kids can see that all the girls with different fashion styles from our website will need your help to find out which kind of sneakers models will be perfect for them to wear with their flashy or elegant outfits.

In this new dress up and even decoration challenge for girls, you dear friends can see that Audrey is going to be the main character, and we all know that you have played girly games with Audrey before right here on our website. You can see that Audrey came on our website with a brillian ideea, and she is going to need your help to go through with it.

You can see that today, Audrey is going to need your help to create the best sneakers for the girls that dress a little excentric, which is the fashion trend right now in the entire world. You can see that Audrey wants to start wearing flashy clothes that are very colorfull, baggy clothes, bright colors, different designs and even looking how much fun you can have creating the outfits and DIY trendy sneakers for the same outfits.

Using your mouse, you will have to start by helping Audrey choose a perfect outfit, which can have whatever color you want and even seeing how you will be able to create the best outfits with hoodies, puches, interesting hairstyles and special make up for the fashion girls around the world.

Once you are done with the outfit part, you dear friends can see how much fun you can have playing with Audrey, because you will have to take all the sneakers that she has in her closet, like Yeezy, Nike Air Max, Nike aviator or simple Jordans shoes from her closet and start a DIY project. Still using your mouse, you will have to decorate the entire shoe with special colors, different accessories and new features, which will make Audrey a fashion icon and even start new trends. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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