Clifford Adventure Stories

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What is Clifford Adventure Stories?

Clifford Adventure Stories

Clifford has returned here on our website and he is bringing a new online ability and kids game with animals that you can play for free on all of your devices.

Today dear kids, you and Clifford can have a lot of fun, because the big red dog has brought for you a new online story adventure, in which you will read with Clifford's girl owner three different books, and have special challenges in each and every one of the books. A chess, a rocket and a cowboy hat are the icons of the three books, and for you to enter the story with Clifford, you will have to use the mouse and click on one of the books.

The chess icon will get you in a pirate book, and you will see how you and Clifford will get into a a coloring contest with other dogs of other breeds, and you will have to show everybody that using your mouse, you and Clifford will be able to color the best way possible all the pirate ship pictures. After you color the boat, you can see that you will manage to sail it in the sea, and you will have to reach the end of the challenge without destroying all the little boats, and you will get to the pirates treasure chest.

In the rocket icon book, you will go in space with Clifford, and you will have to color a little galaxy, with two planets and a moon. You will have to be very creative, because you will might even visit the planets that you color, and you will see that each click that you make on different answers, you will find in the adventure in space, and you will have to finish it with Clifford in order to gain a lot of points.

At the end, you will have the cowoby icon book, in which if you enter, you can see that Clifford is going into a real cowboy adventure, in which you will sing at a harmonica and color a ranch cow. Again, you will have to give several answer for a few of Clifford's questions, and using the mouse or the arrow keys, you will have to help Clifford reach the end of this new adventure, and you will see that you will be one of the best cowboys here on our website. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the ARROW keys and MOUSE to play.

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