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Gomoku Overview

We are bringing for you the Gomoku game that you can play with all your friends, where you will have to make sure that in this new challenge, you will manage to gain a lot of points, because this is a new logic challenge.

In this new game for kids, you can see that you will have to choose the color of your tokens and one of your opponents. You will have a list with opponents, and they are Baby Bot, Bright Bot, Brainy Bot and Best Bot which can be colored as black or white, and there's a general rule which is written, black always goes first.

This is a very special checkers game, in which for you to win, you will have to be very careful, because this is a new online logic challenge, in which you will have to see how in the Gumoku game, you will have to create a sreak of five pieces in a row, in order to gain points and win the challenge. Inside the Gomoku, like in any other checkers game, you will have to use the mouse and make sure that you place your checkers pieces in order to gain points and see how you will one step closer to win the Gomoku game.

You will have to be very careful and concentrated, because your opponent is going to be the computer and he knows all the moves. You will start creating special strategies so that you can create a row of 5 checker pieces in a row. Make sure that you can block your opponent's moves with your own pieces, and that means that see how funny you are and see how your white or black pieces will start creating a fluent row.

Use the mouse during the entire challenge, and you can have a great time creating the row and that it's not going to get interrupted. Be smart and win the Gomoku game with your checkers and see how you can be the best players of this new logic challenge and see that once you have a line of 5 pieces you will be the winner and the Gomoku challenges will continue to appear for you. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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