Mission Coronavirus

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What is Mission Coronavirus?

Mission Coronavirus
There are new online 3D games for kids here on our website, and we are bringing for you a very special challenge. The Mission Coronavirus game is ready to appear right here on our website, and you dear kids will be very first ambulance drivers from our website, and you will have to make sure that you will manage to gain a lot of points.

This is a very special 3D car game for boys, in which you will see that we have prepared for you a very special 3D ambulance car or truck that you will have to drive as fast as possible and see how many points you can gain. You will have to start saving the world from the spread of the Coronavirus, because you will be part of a very special ambulance and doctor force that will have to fight the Coronavirus.

At the beginning of the game, once you press the play button with your mouse, you can see that a 3D ambulance is goin to appear in front of you, and in the top left corner of the screen, you will see a life bar that if it get's full in red, you will see that the coronavirus is spread too much in the city and you cannot fight it anymore.

Your job in this new 3D game is going to be to drive the 3D ambulance as fast as possible to all the confirmed coronavirus infected houses and pacients, and you will have to pick them up and bring them back to the hospital. You will have to be a very good ambulance driver, because dear kids there will be a lot of traffic in the city, and you will have to make sure that you avoid all the dangers and see how you can reach the hospital and your targets as fast as possible.

Have a great time driving the 3D ambulance car in this new challenge, and you will see how many points you will gain and how many people you will save from the spread of the coronavirus. Find out which are the latest 3D games for boys here on our website, and drive other 3D cars in our challenges. Have fun!


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How to play?

Use the A, S, W, D keys to play.