Relic Runway

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What is Relic Runway?

Relic Runway
Here on our website, we are bringing for you guys a very exciting 3D game for boys. You will be able to find the 3D Relic Runway game in which you will have a great time, because this is a new online runing adventure, and it's going to be all in the middle of tropical forrests.

This is going to be a very exciting new 3D game in which your character will look like Indiana Jones, the famous explorer. You dear kids can see that with your 3D avatar, you will have to keep clear of all the dangers and start running, because you will be chased by wild animals, and even an earthquake that will destroy everything in it's way and so will be your avatar.

You dear kids will have to be very fast in order to reach as far as possible and start having the highest score in the game. You will see that in this new challenge, you will be able to play in the endless mode, which means that once you press play, your avatar will be spawned in the 3D ancient forest between tombs, relics, and ancient rocks with inscriptions.

Once you start running, the game will start, and you will have to use the ARROW keys on the keyboard to keep control of your character. All you have to do is go left or right when you will be at a crossroad, but you will see that it's not going to be as easy as you would think. Between the following of the paths, you dear kids will have to keep your 3D avatar safe while he will be running through the forrest.

You will have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to reach as far as possible through the Relic Runway game by jumping over the fallen stones or tree branches and if possible go around them. You can slide under them if you press the down arrow on the keyboard if the objects cannot be jumped.

Make sure that you will be able to collect all the golden coins and special abilties that will help you go further in your adventure, and you will see how many other 3D games for boys will continue to appear right here on our website. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the ARROW keys to play.

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