Kitty Playground Deco

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What is Kitty Playground Deco?

Kitty Playground Deco
A very cute and interesting new game for girls is appearing right here on our website, and you can see how much fun you can have helping a little kitty to have a very cute playground where she can play. This is a new online Kitty Playground Deco game for girls, in which you have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will be able to help out the kitty.

In this new game for girls, the main character is going to be a little kitty, and he just wanted to play in her new playground, but it's not properly decorated and sorted, so the kitty got very messy, and you will have to help her clean herself.

Once you start the game, you will find the kitty inside a box, and when you open it, the cat will be messy, and it's going to be your job to start cleaning it and make it as cute as possible by the end of this new challenge. You can see that in this new game for girls, you have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will be able to clean the cat, dress up the cat and after that play in the playground.

You will have to be very careful, because the first challenge, the cat spa will be not as easy as you think. The cat will be very dirty, and you have to use a special animal shower to water it entirely, special cat soap, and after you rince her off with the same shower of all the bubbles, you have to use the hair dryer to have a fluffy furr.

The end of the challenge will be to groom the kitty, and you can go to the next challenge. The dress up part will be very cute, because you are going to have a fresh washed kitty in front of you, and you can choose a little hat, a little paw style, a little bow tie and a cute toy  that she can play with while you finish the challenge.

The last challenge of the game will be matching kitten beds for as fast as possible, and you will see how many types of beds are inside the challenge, and you can click them using the mouse. We are sure that you are going to have a great time, and that there's going to be many other 2020 animal games for girls that you can play in the future. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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