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BFFs Blog Swap

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BFFs Blog Swap
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BFFs Blog Swap Overview

Here on our website, we always want for you to have a great time, so today dear kids you can see that we are bringing for you a very special and very exciting new Disney princess game for girls, in which you can see that Moana and Rapunzel is going to need your help to have two of the most popular blogs on our website.

The Disney princesses are best friends, and they both have a little fashion blog where they talk about pictures, travelling, clothes, perfumes, flowers or hairstyles, and today they have a pretty cool ideea. Moana and Rapunzel want to do a blog swap, so they need your help to start looking like each other to post pictures on the blogs.

Once you get started, you can see that both of the Disney princesses have a lot of fashion pictures and classy styles posted on the blogs, so you have to keep the trend going and see how you can find cute little clothes, cute outfits to pull together, find make up, accessories that match, like purses, earings or jewelry.

Moana's blog is about travelling, and so she posts a lot of pictures from all the places she has been until now. Rapunzel will have to do the same once the princesses swapped blogs, so you have to make sure that you can help Rapunzel start preparing cute outfits for each place that she is going to travel too, and start making little pictures that she is going to post on the blog for Moana's fans to see.

Rapunzel is a beauty blogger, so her posts on the blog will be mostly about make up and fashion, so Moana will have to addapt, create the most beautiful makeup and cute outfits. You have to use the mouse and start to look for the most interesting clothes like white dresses with a white and pink make up, flower dresses with nude colors make up and everything that you think of that would match and make both Disney princesses look as cute as possible. Have fun!


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Use the MOUSE to play.

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