Endless Zombie Road

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What is Endless Zombie Road?

Endless Zombie Road
Here on our website, every day of the week is bringing you a new game that you can play for free. Today, we are waiting for you with the Endless Zombie Road game for boys, in which dear kids you can play a new online zombie defeating challenge, in which you can gain a lot of points reaching as far as possible, and driving a 3D car.

You can see that the 3D car that we have prepared for you is build specially for periods of apocalypse and zombies running around the streets, so it's not a regular car that you can find on the road. This new 3D car will be specially build with spikes and reinforced armor for when you hit zombies on the road, because this is a new 3D endless run game for kids but you will not be running, but going fast in your car.

You have to make sure that by the end of the challenge, you will have a new high score that you can show to all of your friends. This is going to be a Minecraft game with zombies, so we are sure that you will have a great time, because you are going to drive the 3D Minecraft car in a new Minecraft world which is just going to be a long street that has a zombie apocalypse.

Your job in this new challenge is to drive the 3D Minecraft car from the left to the right of the road in order to defeat as many Minecraft zombies as possible, but that's not going to be your entire mission, because like in any adventure game, you dear kids can see that there are going to be obstacles and even ramps that you can go on with your car.

Make sure that you keep clear of the obstacles like big boxes on the middle of the road, road blocks or big piles of stones that will be in the middle of the road, because if you hit them with your Minecraft car, it's going to crash and explode, leaving you vurnelable for the Minecraft zombies to eat, and you will loose the game and your points will lose, meaning that you have to retry the game. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the ARROW Keys to play.

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