Arthur Delivers

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What is Arthur Delivers?

Arthur Delivers

A very fun game from the Arthur games category is back right here on our website, where dear kids you can see how much fun you can have playing with one of your favorite characters that you could watch on Minimax, and he is going to need your help to deliver objects to all of his friends.

In this new challenge, you dear kids have to use the mouse to play and try to finish all of Arthur's little missions from each level. You can see that Arthur is going to have a little bicycle and he is going to start to want to deliver all kinds of objects through the map, and each level will have a limit of objects that you have to deliver.

Arthur is going to pedal and pedal on his little bike, so you have to make sure that he can have energy for all the deliveries, so it's very important that he is hidrated and that he keeps on drinking water when the bar on his face is going to be red. For Arthur to reach the water container, you dear kids have to make the path take him to the water bottle so that he keeps having energy to continue the game.

You can see that Arthur does not go anywhere he wants to deliver objects like flower pots, soccer balls, basketballs, or other types of toys, because there are arrows and roadblocks that keeps him on different paths, and you have to meddle with the road blocks so that Arthur will reach his friends with the right orders.

Make sure that you are very concentrated, because this is a new online logic challenge, in which you have to think of the path that will be the shortest for Arthur to reach his mission so that he does not ran out of energy and even without any water bottles that he can drink. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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