Do Not Wake Kate

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What is Do Not Wake Kate?

Do Not Wake Kate
We are presenting you kids today the latest Arthur games category challenge that you can start playing for free even on your phones and tablets here on our website. This new Arthur Don't Wake Kate game for children is appearing today right here on our website, where you have to help Arthur's little sister to drink water at night without waking up their baby sister, Kate.

Arthur's sister has already gone to bed, but she got very thirsty, so she is going to need help to go to the bathroom and have a glass of water from the sink. You dear kids will have to use the ARROW keys to guide her on a little table with squares, in which with each tap of one of the ARROW keys, she is going to go on the next square.

Everything sounds easy until now, but dear kids you will see that even though the squares are blank, some of them will hide objects that will make a lot of noise if you land on them, so you have to make sure that you can avoid them as much as possible, because you will see that you have little baby icons of Arthur's sister on the top, and each time you hit one of the noisy items, one of the icons will dissapear, and you will be one step closer to game over and waking up Arthur's baby sister.

You have to stay focused, because your main goal is to get to the sink without touching any of the loud objects and get a glass of water, which will bring you a lot of points. Make sure that as fast as possible, you can get for Arthur's sister as many glasses of water as possible, and we are sure that you will have a great time, and you are going to even try to defeat your own personal record inside this new challenge.

Arthur is going to continue to bring many of these funny and interesting 2020 games for kids, so make sure that you follow our Arthur games category closely these days for new challenges to come. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the ARROW keys to play.

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