Spongebob Pinatas Locas

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What is Spongebob Pinatas Locas?

Spongebob Pinatas Locas
The Spongebob Pinatas Locas game for kids is live and available starting from today right here on our website, where you can see how much fun you and your favorite Nickelodeon character can have, and you will see that there's a great chance to ride little pinatas in this new game.

Spongebob is always full of adventures when he comes here on our website, and today, you can see that he is bringing the Pinatas Locas game for kids, in which you have to make sure that as fast as possible, you will manage to help him reach the end of the adventure while he rides the little colored pinatas.

Using the left click on the mouse to control Spongebob, you will have to make him jump as high as possible, and you can see that the Nickelodeon character has even the ability to jump twice in a row without eve touching the ground, and that's a special ability that you have to use in order to avoid all the dangers from this new challenge.

Spongebob has to jump over the tumbleweeds and the cactus plants that might sting him and blow up his pinata that he is riding at the time. The adventure that Spongebob prepared for you will not end until you get caught from behind by the fish characters, and that means that you have to be very fast and concentrated so that you avoid all the dangers, and at the same time for you to be able to collect as many golden coins.

It's going to be a lot of fun in this new challenge because dear kids you will have to be sure that with Spongebob, you will manage to run as fast as possible, and jump perfectly so that Spongebob in his jump or fall can collect the coins in front of him, which will bring you more points than you would think. Have fun!

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How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.