Shooting Star

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Shooting Star
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What is Shooting Star?

Shooting Star
We are bringing every day of the week here on our website new games for kids that you can play with all of your friends for free, and today, we are bringing for you the Shooting Star game, in which you have to show all of your friends that you have a perfect logic.

This is going to be a new online ability challenge, in which you will be in space, and you dear kids are going to control a shooting star. The entire game is going to be played using the mouse, and you dear children will see that you will control a falling star, and your main target is to control the angle of the shooting star in order to make it go to the hallow star and make it whole again.

There are two stars in each level, and you dear children will have to make sure that as fast as possible, you will manage to help us get the glowing star to the one that is just hallow, and you dear kids will see that it's not going to be as easy as it sounds, because you have to use the mouse, think of the directions and all the bouncing back of objects.

The star will have a number on them at the beginning of the challenge, and you dear kids will have to get the star to the hallow shape in as many moves as the number on star in order to win the level. Make sure that you take in your plan that the white objects that you have in the images will stop and make your star bounce off them but they can help you get your stars together.

Think of each and every move that you make through the entire game, and we are sure that you will have a great time and see how many other 2020 ability and logic games for kids will continue to appear right here on our website. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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