Cute Dragon Recovery

Cute Dragon Recovery

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Cute Dragon Recovery
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Cute Dragon Recovery Overview


The Cute Dragon Recovery game is available for you girls and boys right here on our website, where you can see how much fun you can have keeping tabs on a little dragon, and helping it feel better and better, wearing new outfits and eating the best dragon food here on our website.

You dear kids can see that this new cute dragon has had a little accident, and you will have to help him feel better and have a full recovery from his accident. You can see that we have prepared for you all the doctor tools that you will have to use throughout this new challenge, and you will have to use them all with the help of your mouse as the main controls.

The little dragon is very cute, he has little horns, little wings, and a beautiful yellow, purple, and orange color which makes him even cuter. You dear kids will have to start by cleaning the cute dragon up after the accident because he has leaves all over. You will have to pick them up using special clamps, that you can pick up with the mouse and start using right away.

Once you get the leaves off of the cute dragon, you can see that you can start treating all his little blisters on his skin, rubbing special creme and treatments on it. Rince the cremes of the dragon's skin with the use of the little shower, and so when he is all cleaned up, you can go to the next chapter,  which is the dress up part that the dragon is very happy about.

You will have to start using the mouse and find for cute dragon outfits that he can wear after the accident so that he can stay warm and have a faster recovery. Once you were dragon doctors and dragon designers, you will have to cook dragon food for him in order for him to grow stronger. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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