Barbie Dream Fairy

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What is Barbie Dream Fairy?

Barbie Dream Fairy
In the many years that she has been around, Barbie has been everything, from the nurse, pilot, mom, waitress, movie stars, and many more, but this time she is going to step outside of our world and become something new and magical, and that is a fairy. With Barbie Dream Fairy, the name of this game, you get to create your own fairy Barbie!

It is basically a dress up game, one where you dress up a fairy Barbie. You get to pick her set of wings, a great hairstyle, a combination of tops and bottoms, a pair of shoes, all of which can be mixed and matched together according to your imagination and your style-sense. Go all out, try out all the styles, and find the combo you like the most!

If you really loved how Barbie turned out, don’t keep it to yourself, but click the Save button to save the picture of her, just like you styled her, and then show it to your friends or family. Obviously, if you’ve got friends who also love Barbie Games, invite them to try it right now too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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