Doraemon Star Adventure

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What is Doraemon Star Adventure?

Doraemon Star Adventure

Games with mazes and labyrinths are already as fun as they come, but, we are positive that it can only be even more fun when you get to explore a maze with a character such as Doraemon, Japan's favorite blue cat, with whom you are always guaranteed to have a great deal of fun, just like now, when you help it get as many stars as possible, in the game called Doraemon Star Adventure.

In each level, your main purpose is to help Doraemon grab all of the bells that are in the maze, and you have to make sure that you don't get caught by the bricks with eyes on them that are usually on top of the bells. If you get stuck because of the eyes, you lose, which means that the level needs to be restarted.

Find a way around the eyes, grab all the bells, and advance to the following level! As you advance, more bells and more bricks are added to the level, meaning they will be harder to solve, but that makes the game more exciting and more fun at the same time, and that's a given!

To move Doraemon, you only need the arrow keys. Good luck with your new adventure, and don't hesitate to see what other great games with Doraemon have been added so far here for you!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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