Giant Hamster Run 2

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Giant Hamster Run 2
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What is Giant Hamster Run 2?

Giant Hamster Run 2

It's always a great time for new runner games online, and we think that the experience of such a game is only made better when you run with animals, just like right now with a game like Giant Hamster Run. Hamsters and small and cute, but the one in this game has gotten really big, so he is going to take a stroll through the city and stomp anything in its way, now that it can, with your help, of course!

It is a game similar to and inspired by Subway Surfers Games, made only better by the fact that you're running and jumping with a cute and a big hamster. The hamster runs forward by itself, and you steer him left and right with the corresponding arrow keys, use the up one to jump, and the down one to slide.

Avoid, jump, and slide under obstacles, depending on what you have to do for each because if you hit them too much, you lose and have to start again. Collect as many coins from the city as you can, since they can be used in the shop to buy skateboards and other upgrades and cool items to make the experience even more fun.

Also, try to collect the cookies too, because if you have enough, you will become a huge rolling ball that will be able to strike all the obstacles in its path, giving you some sort of invincibility for a short while. Try to see how far you can get with the hamster, how many points you can get, and compare yourself with other players in the comments!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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