Big Top Jump

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What is Big Top Jump?

Big Top Jump
If you ever dreamt of belonging to the Big Top Academy, the best circus school for kids and teens in the world, you can now make your dreams reality, at least in a virtual setting, as we invite you to play the new and awesome game called Big Top Jump, where you get to learn how to perform jumps just like season circus acrobats do!

You start out with one acrobat and one tunnel to jump in, but more of them get unlocked as you proceed. Keep clicking repeatedly to make the acrobat jump up, and keep going up, releasing the mouse when you want to drop a little bit. Alternate between jumps and dropping in order to avoid the obstacles.

Circus things like cannons, batons, ropes, and more machinery like that are going to be the obstacles you need to prevent yourself from hitting, or you lose and are forced to start all over again. The higher that you get, the more score you gain and know that you have checkpoints for which you should aim if you want to restart from a higher place.

There are also a number of stars you need to grab before you clear each level, so make sure to reach and take them. Jumping online has never been as fun as here, so start this simple game right now, and enjoy it!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.