Vampires and Garlic

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What is Vampires and Garlic?

Vampires and Garlic
Vampires and Garlic is one of the most amazing new shooting games to test your skills and accuracy, a game which has the premise that you are a vampire hunter who has to take down the vampires in each level, which is something that you are going to do by throwing garlic at them, so you have to be great at shooting the vegetable at them.

You are going to use the mouse to set the direction in which you want to shoot it, and then you move it back and forth on the arrow in order to determine the power with which you are going to make the shot. You have more and more vampires to take down as you advance, so work hard to get them all.

Try to get multiple vampires in one shot, because you have limited garlic you can use in each level, so if you waste them without clearing the level, it needs to start again. Also, the fewer garlic you require, the more stars you get at the end of a level, as you can get from one to three.

Defeat all the vampires and clear all the levels, having fun shooting garlic unlike you've ever done before!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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