Cheese N Mouse

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What is Cheese N Mouse?

Cheese N Mouse
A mouse loves to eat nothing else more than cheese, which is why the cute white and orange mouse in this game needs your help with that, as you are going to try and help it get as much cheese as possible by solving puzzles, all through the awesome new game called Cheese N Mouse.

The mouse at each level is going to sit on top of some blocks and platforms, and your goal is to help it reach the platform at the bottom, which is made up of cheese. To do so, click on the other blocks around to remove them, making the mouse drop to the cheese. If it misses the cheese, the level is lost and you have to start it again.

Find the right order of eliminating the blocks, if you want to get the mouse on the cheese because if you don't remove platforms right, it will fall somewhere else. There are twenty levels in total, each one more difficult than the previous one, but that will only make them more fun. Good luck at solving all of them, and helping the mouse get its cheese!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.