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What is Funky Plane?

Funky Plane

If flying in the sky is something that you dream of, with a plane, of course, since we have not reached the point yet where the human flight is possible otherwise, you will certainly love one of the best new airplane games online to have been added here for you, called Funky Plane, where you are going to try and fly the Flybus B230 as farther as it has ever gone!

To control your plane in the sky you use the mouse, clicking and holding the left mouse button on the plane, and moving it up and down, forward or backward. You have to avoid the clouds at all costs since they slow you down, but make sure to fly into the speed boosts, because they are going to make you faster.

In addition to speed boosts, you can collect time bonuses, which you really need, since you are playing against time. A clock is counting down, and you have to try and extend the time of the flight as much as possible. This is because the more time you have, the more distance you can make, and making a big flying distance is what you are after with this game.

Get ahead of all the other planes in the sky, and, when you see friends flying around in hot air balloons, give them a lift by flying into them to collect them and then take them with you on your route. Every time you play this game, give it your best to beat the previous record so that you can show yourself you are better at flying!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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