Doraemon Memorize Colors

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What is Doraemon Memorize Colors?

Doraemon Memorize Colors
We don’t think that it is just any day that you can find and play combo games of coloring games and memory games, but in the Doraemon Games category you now can, as you are given the chance to have fun with an incredible new game called Doraemon Memorize Colors, where you get to be creative while also improving your brain.

Doraemon is going to show you a painting, starting with one of a duck on the lake. It is colored when you start, so make sure to memorize how each part of it is colored because Nobita will fly around and remove all the colors very soon. Of course, this means that you have to bring the colors back from your memory.

From the right side of the game you get to select colors, from green, yellow, red, blue, and many others, and after selecting it, click where you think it goes. If you are right, it is applied and appears there instantly, otherwise, that part of the drawing remains black and white. The better your memory, the faster you are done painting and can go to the next painting.

Also, each time you fill in a color right, you also get to learn how that thing is named, so it is great for young kids who are also trying to learn words and more about the world around them. You now have all the reasons to give this simple and fun game a shot right now, so make sure to do so!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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