Doraemon and Nobita Revenge

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What is Doraemon and Nobita Revenge?

Doraemon and Nobita Revenge

Doraemon is a funny show, and of course, the games based on it would also be hilarious, which is something we are happy to share with you right now and here with the game called Doraemon and Nobita Revenge. It is a game similar to slacking games, a format that is a classic and has always been really popular.

In each level of the game, some sort of bully has done something to Nobita, so you and Doraemon need to get revenge on them, without getting caught by someone else, because otherwise, you end up getting in trouble. For example, the first bully stepped on Nobita’s back, so you will now take revenge during class.

You see a class with the teacher at the blackboard, reading a book, and four students. Nobita is on the third desk and his bully in the fourth. When the teacher is not actively watching the students, click on Nobita to attack the bully, and fill up the bar while doing so. You have to do this until the bar is full to complete the revenge and level.

Of course, stop when the teacher turns back because if they catch a glimpse of you doing this, you lose and have to start all over again. You don’t want that to happen to Nobita, don’t you? Well, we wish you good luck, so it does not happen, and we hope you are going to have both a fun and funny time like no other!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.