Shooter Rush

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What is Shooter Rush?

Shooter Rush
We are bringing for you dear kids a very special and very interesting new ability challenge called Shooter Rush, and you can see how much fun all the boys can have playing this new adventure even on phones and tablets online for free.

Today dear kids, we are waiting for you with the Shooter Rush game, in which you will have to use the MOUSE if you are playing on your computer, or your little fingers if you are playing on your phones or tablets in order to keep control of the hero avatar that you will be playing with.

In the shortest time, you dear kids will have to get your main character or avatar as close as possible to the enemies on the screen to start to shoot them and keep them as a big distance in order for them not to reach your avatar and start to damage the hero's health bar, and you can start having the highest score and see how many points you can gain.

You will have to be very careful throughout the game, and you will see that if you keep the click pressed, you will manage to have a higher range and so you can shoot the enemies for a further spot and so you can keep safe from all the dangers, and you will manage to reach a further place in the game.

There are going to be many other shooting and adventure games for boys ready to appear here on our website, and there are going to be new challenges for boys that you can play for free online. Have fun!


How to play?

use the MOUSE to play.

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