Alvin and the Ghostbusters

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What is Alvin and the Ghostbusters?

Alvin and the Ghostbusters

A very exciting new online Alvin and the Chipmunks game for children is appearing today right here on our website, and you dear kids will see that this is a new online multiplayer game called Alvin and the Ghostbusters in which you will work together with the chipmunks to catch as many ghosts as possible.

You dear kids can see that Alvin and the Chipmunks have prepared for you a very special challenge, and you will have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will be able to defeat the ghosts and collect all the leftovers, which will bring you extra points and make you be one step closer to be the best player of the game.

It's not going to be easy at all, but you will have to make sure that you can use the ARROW keys and start to look for the exits from the house, the stairs and all the hidden doors, which will get you closer to finding all the ghosts and see how you can use the SPACE key to activate your GHOSTBUSTERS weapon to catch and destroy the ghosts.

Make sure that you find all the ghosts of the game, use the weapon on them and make sure that by the end of this new challenge, you will manage to gain points by reaching each level with maximum of points.

You can see that this is going to be a new multiplayer challenge, and you have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to find the ghosts and that will help you have the highest score by defeating more ghosts than the other players which will either be playing with Theodore, Alvin or Simon. Have fun!


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How to play?

1. In the first box you will have to complete your name.

2. Then hit the PLAY button.

3. Use the arrows that are displayed in the game (left and right) to move and the Treppen button to climb stairs.

4. Your mission will be to destroy the green Aliens.