Cartoon Football Games for Kids

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What is Cartoon Football Games for Kids?

Cartoon Football Games for Kids

Cartoon Football Games for Kids is the new game from the Masha and the Bear games category that you can find right here on our website, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing this new challenge with your two favorite characters.

Today, you can see that Masha and the Bear want to learn how to play football with you guys, and so you have to be very careful and make sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to gain points and see how you can score as many goals as possible by the end of this new challenge.

Even though it's not going to be easy, you will have to make sure that by the end of this new game, you and Masha can become the best football players, and more important the best strikers that can score a goal from any place on the pitch, and have the highest score of the game.

For that, you will have to be very careful, because dear kids you can see that in each level, you can miss only three shots per level, and for that you have to use the MOUSE and start to aim by moving the mouse and make sure that you use the left click to start shooting the ball to the goal.

At the beginning of the challenge, you can see that there's going to be no goalkeeper, but once you get used to the mechanics of the game and you score a few goals in the empty goal, Bear is going to be the goalkeeper that you have to defeat and you have to make sure that you shoot in the opposite side of his position in order to score the goal and start to gain a lot of points. Have fun!


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How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.