Teddy Bear Dresser

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What is Teddy Bear Dresser?

Teddy Bear Dresser
The new dress up game is with one of the most popular children's toys, namely the Teddy Bear that you will have to dress as fashionable as possible, to look as good as possible so that it will be fashionable when you go out. with him for a walk. The first time you will have to take care of the top of the outfit, namely to choose a hat that is as good as possible for our teddy bear. The next thing you will have to do is go a little lower, to the t-shirt, where you have to choose a blouse, a T-shirt, a uniform, pajamas, a shirt or a sweatshirt.

The next part you will have to deal with is the pants, but this time you will have to pay a little attention to the clothing items you have chosen so far because things will have to go better and better because you are preparing to you complete the whole outfit with the following two elements. Finally, you will have to complete with shoes that are of many shades, shapes, and colors, here you can choose between elegant shoes, cowboy boots, socks, slippers or other shoes. The last element you will have to use is an accessory, and in this chapter, you will have to choose from a ball, a purse, a bag, a bouquet of flowers, a string, a toy (unicorn), or others.

Finally, our teddy bear is ready to leave, we hope you did a good job with him and that you will be able to go out with him with a lot of confidence and fun.

How to play?

use the mouse to dress up our cute bear.

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