Tennis Masters

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What is Tennis Masters?

Tennis Masters
Tennis Masters is the newest HTML5 tennis game, in which you will have the opportunity to play a quality tennis match with your friends or in single-player mode. To start you will have to select the game mode, respectively if you want to participate in a tournament or you want to play a quick match against an opponent or the computer, after which you can go to the next setting which refers to the number of players on the field, respectively player vs player (2 player mode) or single player mode, against the computer.

The next step you will have to set is to look at the level of difficulty you want your opponent to have, and finally, you will be able to start your long-awaited tennis match. The match can be played both on clay and on grass, and if you have actually played tennis in reality, you will be able to think of a strategy to serve with a certain technique (just like Simona Halep ) or you will be able to manage your movements and the game during the match.

In the middle of the field, above the net, there will be all kinds of bonuses that you can catch when you aim the ball at them, but you will have to hurry because those bonuses will disappear quickly; among the bonuses, you will find a fireball, or a fast ball, or a double shot, or extra points to help you in the ranking.

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How to play?

Player 1 Controls Arrow keys to move X to hit and Z to smash Player 2 Controls WASD to move L to hit and K to smash