Math Farm

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What is Math Farm?

Math Farm
Math Farm is a new simple math game in which you will have to put your mind and math knowledge to work because, based on them you will be able to win a war against insects and monsters from the animal farm. The game is an educational one, on several levels of difficulty, in which you will have to answer as quickly as possible the different questions of general culture in mathematics, in order to shoot with the weapon you have.

In the center of attention, we will find a horse (gray), a frog (green), and a cow (orange) with which you will have to build the necessary strategy that will lead to winning the trophy. The game has three major levels, one on the water with 20 objectives, the other on land with another 20 missions, and finally the last level with another 20 different levels.

To win the whole war you will have to build an army to help you in the mission you have, and for that, you will have to upgrade your weapons and even buy new aids. For starters, you can just buy a bigger machine gun, after which you will have a tank, a sheep with a bigger rifle, a horse with a laser machine gun, and even a cow with a rocket launcher. But in order to succeed in attracting these new friends with you, you will have to answer correctly as many questions as the game will ask you.

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How to play?

use the mouse to answer.