MineWorld Horror The Mansion

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What is MineWorld Horror The Mansion?

MineWorld Horror The Mansion
Mineworld Horror the Mansion is a game from the Minecraft category, in which you will have to participate in a mission already created by other players in which the action is at a high level, and the rifles, machine guns, and weapons are in the foreground. The game will be quite scary, created in a horror atmosphere, where monsters and creatures come out of the ground and try to kill you every time you take a wrong step.

For starters you will have to deal with the weapons you have, after which you will be able to buy new weapons to use in your missions, but only if you manage to earn bonus points that you can later use in the marketplace to -Improve your weapons or to buy soldiers to help you in your missions.

Agility and strategy will have to be at the forefront if you want to earn bonus points that will bring you victory in every mission you have. Be careful with your feet, because zombie dogs are everywhere and will bite you, and the monsters that come out of the ground can surprise you every time. The blood will not stop appearing.

How to play?

Mouse 1 : fire weapon Mouse 2 : raise sights C : toggle camera mode W, S, A, D : move player Left Shift : sprint Left Ctrl : crouch X : prone Space : jump F : use item R : reload H : holster weap

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