Christmas Rush

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What is Christmas Rush?

Christmas Rush
In the newest Christmas game we will help Santa in his new adventure in which we will have to run with him, and collect as many gifts, bonus points, and stars that will help us have a score as good as possible we can. A very important thing is that Santa Claus will have to avoid the obstacles from he faces. Among the most common obstacles we will find wood, logs, stones, snowman and others. To avoid obstacles, we will have to cross from one lane to the other or look for yellow stars.

Each yellow star that we will collect will help us to have a super power that consists in being able to fly and in this way we will be able to jump over all the dangers in the game. After a while the game will become more and more difficult, respectively the speed of the game will increase, and you will have to be even more attentive to the obstacles you face. The moment we collect a gift we receive bonus points, which will help us to have a better score at the end of the game. In case we get injured by the snowman, or by a tree or other obstacle, Santa Claus will fall, and we will have to start the game from the beginning.

When we collect a red gift, the score offered by the game will be 10 points for each gift, and for gifts with a green bow we will receive one point. The whole adventure of Santa Claus takes place in Lapland, where the roads are paved and full of snow, and on the side of the road there are Christmas trees covored of snow.

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How to play?

to play this game you will have to use the arrow keys.