Dungeon Fury 2

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What is Dungeon Fury 2?

Dungeon Fury 2
In this new puzzle adventure game, we will have to help a little boy escape from the dungeon he finds himself in by opening the door at the end of the dungeon. This can be done by collecting coins found all over the dungeon, but there are obstacles in your way to freedom, it is very important to evade the obstacles found in the dungeon. The most common obstacles found in the dungeon are spikes, poison, wooden boxes, etc. To evade these obstacles, you will have to jump or double jump over them, you can also collect different types of potions that can help you evade the obstacles in different ways.

There are many types of potions including the red potion which makes you invincible against the spikes or the yellow potion which helps you levitate over the obstacles and gives you the ability to control yourself in the air. By advancing through the levels, the difficulty will increase and you will find that there are more obstacles present and the design of the level will make it harder for you to collect the coins needed to open the door to the next level.

It is also important to pay attention to how you jump over the obstacles because the little boy bounces off the walls when he touches them which can help you evade the obstacles but can also make you fall directly into them. When the boy touches or falls into the poison or the spikes he will die and the level will be reset including the coins and the potions.

How to play?

To jump click on the game with your mouse and use "R" on your keyboard to reset the level.

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