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There have been a lot of evolution games in the past, but this is unique and will surely interest you! In this evolution type game, we have insects, birds, and even cosmic dinosaurs! You start as a small fly and to progress and evolve you will have to earn more XP by eating other players, food, or other creatures in the game. It is important to be careful, other players or creatures can get you and you will have to restart with less XP than you had before. Competition is important here, you have to avoid getting eaten and you sometimes have to fight for your food. You must not forget to drink water because if the water bar is too low you will eventually die from dehydration. There more than 50 evolutions in this game including flies, pigeons, dragonflies, butterflies, ducks, and even reapers.

The map is quite big, it has many biomes like a desert, forest, taiga, etc. You can also fly to space where you will find very powerful cosmic creatures that will instantly kill you if you touch them and are weaker than them. In the desert biome, you will find that there are pyramids and snakes which can be dangerous if you are vulnerable to them. There are also underwater tunnels and mines where you will find small worms or even ants. The food or creatures you can eat have a green outline while the creatures that have a red outline are dangerous and you should avoid them if possible to avoid getting eaten. There are a lot of varieties of food in the game including other players or creatures, fruit from trees, bread, feces, fruit from bushes, and many others!

Are you ready to take over the animal kingdom? If so, let's show 'em who's boss!

How to play?

Use the mouse, WASD or the arrow keys to move and fly. On mobile use the on screen arrow buttons.

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