Dunk Fall

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What is Dunk Fall?

Dunk Fall
If you like basketball and shooting basketballs then, this game is meant for you! In this game, you have to shoot the ball in the basket. Each ball you manage to shoot in the basket will earn you one point. But your ball is hanging on a rope and you have to time your shot or the ball will fall and you lose a life! It won't be easy though, the basket moves around so you can't precalculate your shots. It is also important to try and dunk the ball as many times as you can because dunking a ball after you already dunked one successfully will earn you 5 points instead of just 1.

The ball will move left and right at the top of the screen hanging from the aforementioned rope and the basket sits at the bottom of the screen and will move randomly left, right, up, or down and you will have to adjust your timing accordingly. You have to be careful though, the basketball is very bouncy and one small mistake can make the ball fall down which will lose you a life. You can also use the bounciness to your advantage, you can bounce the ball off the wall to help you shoot the ball in the basket, but you have to time it very precisely or the ball will fall. In case you lose all of your lives your score will be reset and you will be shown your high score.

Are you ready to be the best basketball dunker in the house? Let's find out!


How to play?

Left click or tap to shoot the ball.

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