Spot the Difference

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What is Spot the Difference?

Spot the Difference
The new insight game with Thomas and Friends is here, and this time you will have to use your sense of observation because you will have to look for and find the differences in the images you have. In total there will be five differences for each level you have, differences that are symbolized by 5 stars at the bottom of the game so you know whenever you manage to find an image.

For a start, you will have to look at the images you have as a whole, and then be able to identify each difference in the pictures presented. If you fail to find all 5 differences, the game will not move to the next level, so you will have to insist until you can identify them.

The images you have to identify will be inspired by the life of Thomas and his friends, so you will have to be familiar with the trains, locomotives, train drivers, or even ticket controllers present at all stations in the station.

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How to play?

use the mouse to find each difference.