Rumble Bee

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What is Rumble Bee?

Rumble Bee
We are excited to share our new Teen Titans game, this time featuring Bumble Bee, the newest Teen Titans team member! In this game, you have to help Bumble Bee escape from Cyborg's stomach because Cyborg accidentally swallowed her. To escape his stomach you have to move left, right, up, and down to navigate through the complicated maze in Cyborg's stomach, the goal is to get higher up. You have to be fast though, Cyborg's stomach acid is rapidly rising and you must avoid it.

Cyborg's stomach has a lot of dangers which you must avoid to advance further. They consist of spikes, rolling knives, traps, and of course, Cyborg's stomach acid. There are 3 types of traps, first one shoots a lases between 2 points which you must time correctly to safely pass, the second type of trap is the one that spawns virtual spikes when you pass next to it, you must pass it fast to not get hit by the spikes. There are also rolling knives that roll periodically, you must pass them quickly. There are also trampolines that can bounce you in any direction. There are also coins and bees that you can collect to increase your score, bees give you a higher score and also a score multiplier.

In case you die by falling into a trap or falling in the acid, you must restart the game, and you are given a choice between 4 power-ups that help you to start your next game with which you need to pay with the coins you collected from your previous games. These power-ups are a shield that protects you from spikes and traps, anti-acid which protects you from acid, a magnet that attracts coins to you, and a score booster that helps you get a higher score. You can only choose one of these power-ups at a time.

​Can you escape Cyborg's body? Play to find out!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys or swipe on mobile to move.

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